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Virtual Ace provides different plans for companies catering to their needs. They have the option of only sticking to Digital Marketing Services, only Virtual Assistant Services, or choosing a combined plan for both. The following services will be provided for each plan:

Virtually Assisting your Future - Plan A


Posting on social media for client (I.e. Instagram/Facebook post scheduling)

Planning & organization

Travel coordination for management

Project management

Event planning

Email management

Data input

Editing manuscripts, blogs, etc.

Creating PowerPoint presentations

Customer service

Order fulfillment

Following up with leads/clients

Creating resumes

Research - Blogs, trends, events, SWOT analysis, market, competition


Digitally Promoting for your Future - Plan B

Social media manager

Content creation - Phrases, tag-lines, verbiage for posts

Graphic design

Creation of Instagram posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn, etc.

Instagram/Facebook Ads

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click advertising

Google Ads

Website Design

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Hashtag research

Managing social media accounts

Video creation & editing

Designing business cards, flyers, logos, menus, signage, social media graphics

Photography for websites & promotional materials

Promotional campaigns & advertisements on social media and other online resources



Virtually & Digitally Growing your Venture - Plan C

This plan combines both Virtual Assistant services and Digital Marketing services for a client to choose what services they would like, and allows them to grow their business with our unique niche which is a one stop shop for their business needs. Clients may choose to utilize all our services or cater particular ones to their needs. However, this plan provides both niches and combines them into one category. Our Digital Marketers and Virtual Assistants will work to the best of their abilities to aid clients in growing their businesses.

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